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  1. Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)Wikipedia | mfa.org– Museum of Fine Arts in Boston - one of the largest art museums in the United States.
  2. Painter & Psychologist | artpsy-studio.ru– Art studio "Painter & Psychologist". Teaching drawing and painting; educational programs for children and adolescents; plein air painting and group travel in Europe.
  3. Chris RockWikipedia | chrisrock.com– Official website. American comedian, actor, and producer.
  4. EntertainmentWikipedia | ew.com– Entertainment Weekly (EW) - the American weekly magazine about movies, TV series, musicals on Broadway, books and other objects of mass culture.
  5. LouvreWikipedia | louvre.fr– Official website. The largest and most popular art museums in the world.
  6. Charles BukowskiWikipedia | bukowski.ru– Unofficial website. Charles Bukowski - American writer, poet, novelist and journalist of German origin.
  7. British CouncilWikipedia | britishcouncil.org– British Council - an international public organization established in 1934 Royal Charter.
  8. RCEWikipedia | cultureelerfgoed.nl– Official website. Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands - Dutch organization protecting and preserving the national heritage.