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  1. PinterestWikipedia | business.pinterest.com– Section "Business Page" of social Internet service photohosting Pinterest (service also allows companies to create a business pages).
  2. SymantecWikipedia | symantec.com/connect/– Company (the world leader) software development in the field of information security and protection of information data center (California, USA).
  3. Lingora | elingora.com– Online language learning community for intermediate to advanced learners.
  4. Campaign Rocks | campaign.rocks– The online community (online debate) where people can create online debates and discuss about different topics.
  5. Mercedes-Benz Club of America | mbca.org– Unofficial website. Club fans Mercedes-Benz in USA.
  6. SPORTBOX.ruWikipedia | sportbox.ru– Sportbox.ru - sports media portal, which is part of the Russian holding "Match!".
  7. DivX LabsWikipedia | labs.divx.com– Official website. Community DivX website, with betas and ongoing projects.
  8. Drupal Ukraine | drupal.ua– Ukrainian Drupal Community.
  9. GosBuk | gosbook.ru– Russian e-Government Website. Social network, up to discuss various issues of Russian state policy management, officials, businessmen and experts in various fields.
  10. Twitter DevelopersWikipedia | dev.twitter.com– Community Twitter developers.
  11. Zero HedgeWikipedia | zerohedge.com– Zero Hedge is a financial blog that aggregates news and presents editorial opinions from original and outside sources. The participants - the fans of the film /novel "Fight Club".
  12. Linux Foundation (LF)Wikipedia | linuxfoundation.org– Website of the developer community (non-profit consortium of Linux).