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  1. i-MEDIC.ro | i-medic.ro– Information and referral health portal.
  2. Legacy.comWikipedia | legacy.com– Legacy.com is the world's largest commercial provider of online memorials.
  3. UCR LibraryWikipedia | library.ucr.edu– Official website. Library of the University of California, Riverside.
  4. iRecommend | irecommend.ru– «Reviews about everything». Manual reviews about everyday things.
  5. Vernadsky National Library of UkraineWikipedia | nbuv.gov.ua– The National Library of Ukraine VI Vernadsky. The largest by volume and area of the library fund of Ukraine.
  6. PILULI | piluli.kharkov.ua– Medication Guide. Literature, the price of the pharmacy information, etc.
  7. Royal Spanish AcademyWikipedia | rae.es– Academic institution, based in Spain, whose purpose is to study the Spanish language and literature.
  8. ABOMUS | abomus.com.ua– Online resource of shopping, sale, lease of real estate.
  9. GosBuk | gosbook.ru– Russian e-Government Website. Social network, up to discuss various issues of Russian state policy management, officials, businessmen and experts in various fields.
  10. iLive.com.ua | ilive.com.ua– Information resource, useful information about important aspects of life (health, family, children, beauty, fashion, food and diet, relationships, sports, etc.).
  11. DudenWikipedia | duden.de– "Duden" - a dictionary or set of rules of grammar and spelling of the German language.
  12. LibrusecWikipedia | lib.rus.ec– Website, electronic library (Russia), allows users to read and download text books, including copyrighted.