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  1. Amalia's littlestore | littlestore.gr– Online shop of handmade jewelry and accessories.
  2. QuickenWikipedia | quicken.com– Quicken is a personal finance management tool developed by Quicken Inc.
  3. Sanpid | sanpid.com– Online store plumbing.
  4. RedPower | redpower.ru– Internet shop car stereos and car accessories.
  5. St-market | st-market.com.ua– Internet shop hookahs.
  6. Koodo MobileWikipedia | koodomobile.com– Koodo Mobile is a Canadian mobile flanker brand. It currently provides postpaid and prepaid services.
  7. MyFancyCraft | myfancycraft.com– Handmade workshop.
  8. Drupal Commerce Demo shop | storel.com.ua (commercekickstart.com– Drupal Commerce demo site.
  9. iRecommend | irecommend.ru– «Reviews about everything». Manual reviews about everyday things.
  10. iOK | iok.com.ua– Internet-shop «iOK». Online design and ordering of the original covers for mobile gadgets.
  11. Capital estate | 100realty.ua– Specialized online resource Kiev real estate market.
  12. ABOMUS | abomus.com.ua– Online resource of shopping, sale, lease of real estate.
  13. NEU | satusitused.ru– Sale of the network equipment.
  14. Voyages-sncf.comWikipedia | voyages-sncf.com– Website selling train tickets in Europe the French company French SNCF. A quarter of the volume of tickets sold through this website.
  15. iMoreWikipedia | imore.com– A website specializing in news and other information related to Apple. It contains forum and shop. It belongs to the Apple Community.