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  1. BBC HistoryWikipedia | historyextra.com– BBC History Magazine is a British publication. The magazine is dedicated to the subject of the British and world history.
  2. Boston HeraldWikipedia | bostonherald.com– Official website. The Boston Herald is an American daily newspaper of Boston city. It was founded in 1846 and is one of the oldest daily newspapers in the United States.
  3. Legacy.comWikipedia | legacy.com– Legacy.com is the world's largest commercial provider of online memorials.
  4. 1843Wikipedia | 1843magazine.com– Official website. 1843 is The Economist’s magazine of ideas, lifestyle and culture. 1843 (formerly Intelligent Life) is a bi-monthly cultural magazine published by the Economist Group.
  5. Le Figaro BourseWikipedia | bourse.lefigaro.fr– Le Figaro "Exchange". Internet project of the magazine «Le Figaro». «Figaro» (Le Figaro) - Daily morning French newspaper. It founded in 1826.
  6. Le Figaro SanteWikipedia | sante.lefigaro.fr– Le Figaro "Health". Internet project of the magazine «Le Figaro». «Figaro» (Le Figaro) - Daily morning French newspaper. It founded in 1826.
  7. Madame FigaroWikipedia | madame.lefigaro.fr– Official website. Madame Figaro is a French magazine supplement to the Saturday edition of the daily newspaper Le Figaro, focusing on and catering to women.
  8. Le FigaroWikipedia | lefigaro.fr– Official website. «Figaro» (Le Figaro) - Daily morning French newspaper. It founded in 1826.
  9. PASSION.RU | passion.ru– The Russian women's magazine ("Women's Passion"). Owned by "Rambler Internet Holding".
  10. Forbes RussiaWikipedia | forbes.ru– Official website. The Russian edition of the edition of the magazine «Forbes».
  11. The EconomistWikipedia | economist.com– The Economist is an English-language weekly news magazine. The Economist refers to itself as a newspaper. Published since 1843.
  12. EntertainmentWikipedia | ew.com– Entertainment Weekly (EW) - the American weekly magazine about movies, TV series, musicals on Broadway, books and other objects of mass culture.
  13. Billboard magazineWikipedia | billboard.com– The weekly American magazine devoted to the music industry.
  14. iefimerida | iefimerida.gr– Greek news edition.
  15. Ouest-FranceWikipedia | ouest-france.fr– Official website. The French daily news edition (most readable in France 2.5million everyday readers.).
  16. Men’s HealthWikipedia | menshealth.com– "Men's Health" - a monthly American magazine for men. Regional versions are published in 45 countries.
  17. Il GiornaleWikipedia | www.ilgiornale.it– Italian national daily newspaper. Since 1979 it belongs to the Berlusconi family. Included in the 10-ku (in circulation) among the Italian newspapers.
  18. The IndependentWikipedia | independent.co.uk– Official website. National morning newspaper.