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  1. Time WarnerWikipedia | timewarner.com– Official website. Time Warner Inc. (TWI, Time Warner, NYSE:TWX) is an American multinational media and entertainment conglomerate.
  2. Led ZeppelinWikipedia | ledzeppelin.com– Official website. The British rock group.
  3. Lady GagaWikipedia | ladygaga.com– Official website. Lady Gaga - American singer, songwriter, producer, philanthropist, designer and actress.
  4. MTV UKWikipedia | mtv.co.uk– Official website. MTV (UK and Ireland) is an English general entertainment channel (part of the worldwide network of MTV Networks).
  5. MTV RussiaWikipedia | mtv.ru– Official website. MTV Russia is a Russian language free-to-air 24-hour music and general entertainment channel (part of the worldwide network of MTV Networks) broadcasting in the Russian Federation.
  6. Warner Music GroupWikipedia | wmg.com– Official website. Warner Music Group (WMG) - the third largest group and family of record studios, included in the "Big Four record companies", beside Universal Music Group (UMG) and Sony Music Entertainment.
  7. Eric ClaptonWikipedia | ericclapton.com– Official website. 
  8. Bruno MarsWikipedia | brunomars.com– Official website. Bruno Mars is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer, winner of the "Grammy".
  9. Grateful DeadWikipedia | dead.net– The official site of the American rock band.
  10. Francesca BattistelliWikipedia | francescamusic.com– The official site of the singer.
  11. Robbie WilliamsWikipedia | robbiewilliams.com– Official website. British singer, songwriter and actor.
  12. GrammyWikipedia | grammy.com– The official site of the musical award.