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  1. NOAAWikipedia | noaa.gov– National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - is an American scientific agency within the United States Department of Commerce focused on the conditions of the oceans and the atm
  2. White HouseWikipedia | whitehouse.gov– Official website. Website of the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States.
  3. City Clerk of ChicagoWikipedia | chicityclerk.com– Official website. The City Clerk's office (Chicago’s Office of the City Clerk (“OCC”)) is responsible for maintaining official city government records, distributing vehicle stickers and residential parking pe
  4. New YorkWikipedia | ny.gov– Official website. Website of New York state.
  5. City of BostonWikipedia | boston.gov– Unofficial website. Website of Boston city . Boston is a town and small port in Lincolnshire, on the east coast of England.
  6. US Department of EducationWikipedia | ed.gov– The United States Department of Education (ED or DoED), is a Cabinet-level department of the United States government.
  7. Government of FranceWikipedia | gouvernement.fr– Official website. 
  8. King of BelgiumWikipedia | monarchie.be– Official website. The King of Belgium has the official title of King of the Belgians, referring to the concept of "people's monarchy".
  9. Queen Rania of JordanWikipedia | queenrania.jo– Official website. Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan (arabic: رانيا العبد الله‎‎) is the queen consort of Jordan, wife of King Abdullah II.
  10. Prime Minister of BelgiumWikipedia | premier.fgov.be (premier.be– Official website. The Prime Minister of Belgium is the head of the federal government in the Kingdom of Belgium.
  11. Prime Minister of AustraliaWikipedia | pm.gov.au– Official website. Website of the Prime Minister of Australia.
  12. The Ministry of Justice of KazakhstanWikipedia | adilet.gov.kz– Official website. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the central organ of executive authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  13. City Hall, LondonWikipedia | london.gov.uk– Official website. City Hall is the headquarters of the Greater London Authority (GLA), which comprises the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.
  14. United States Department of CommerceWikipedia | commerce.gov– Official website. The United States Department of Commerce is the Cabinet department of the United States government concerned with promoting economic growth.
  15. Governor-General of New ZealandWikipedia | gg.govt.nz– Official website. 
  16. National Institutes of HealthWikipedia | nih.gov– The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a biomedical research facility.
  17. The Government of New ZealandWikipedia | beehive.govt.nz– Official website. 
  18. Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources | rpn.gov.ru– Russian federal executive authority in Russia, under the authority of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
  19. Government of EstoniaWikipedia | valitsus.ee– Official website. 
  20. The Kingdom of BelgiumWikipedia | belgium.be– Official website. The official portal of the Federal Government of the Kingdom of Belgium.